IMGP5780Retired Blokes is written by Spencer Feeney, who worked as a journalist in the British regional press for more than 40 years until he retired in 2012. During this time, sales of regional newspapers in Britain steadily declined, but he doesn’t think it was all his fault. In fact he is quite ridiculously proud of the fact that the last newspaper he edited – the South Wales Evening Post – grew to be the largest selling Welsh regional newspaper during his ten years in charge.

He lives in Swansea with his wife Jacqueline – also known as The Current Mrs Feeney (No, there hasn’t been another. It’s just his little joke. My, how she laughs) – and their daughter Sophie – aka The Daughter Who Left (But Returned). Their son Lewis – aka The Gamekeeper – lives with his wife and family in The Cotswolds.

They are frequently joined by Milo – aka Next Door’s Cat!! – but only when he thinks they have sufficiently weakened to feed him ham and chicken and other delights.

Spencer’s mum died, aged 95, on December 2 2015. His dad died, aged 101, on March 14 2016. Spencer and The Current Mrs F have started The Garden Project to create a new garden at his parents’ former home.

When Spencer launched his blog, the idea was to create a place where retired men could gather to sympathise, offer mutual support, and generally bitch about the world. Retired Lives is an occasional series of interviews with men, who have finished full-time employment, about what they did next.

Meanwhile, his blog has evolved into a record of the rich tapestry of his retired life (otherwise described by The Current Mrs F as his harebrained schemes). They are listed on the home page of the blog.

Comments – and contributions – are welcome from anyone who is on the same journey, navigating through modern times without a compass.


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Spencer,

    I really like the name (and the idea) of your blog and your ‘about’ page is so far the smartest (and the most amusing too) I’ve ever read.
    I’m not retired yet but cannot ‘retirement’ be a state of mind? (I just left my hectic job hoping for a slower pace of life).
    I’ll stay tuned!


  2. Hi Simona,
    Thank you for your kind words. I’m sure it’s all about state of mind; I know several “retired” people who are more active and innovative now than they ever were when working for a living. I plan to start a series of interviews with them soon.
    When we were in Italy recently, I was struck by the number of older men I saw gathered in groups and passing the time of day in (often animated) conversations. In Britain, many old people are very lonely; especially if their husband or wife has died. Seeing all these men together made me think that perhaps loneliness is less of a problem for older people in Italy. Am I right?
    While I saw lots of these male groups, however, I didn’t see any examples of women doing the same. Do they get together in private, or are older women in Italy more isolated than older men?


  3. Hi Spencer ~ Donna, over at Retirement Reflections sent me over! And I can see why she recommends your blog! I can tell by reading your about page that I’m going to enjoy following your “harebrained schemes!” We are on the early retirement voyage, and it will be amusing to compare notes!


  4. Hello from Sydney. I’ve never adapted comfortably to the concept of ‘retired’; it conjures up notions of withdrawal and cessation of meaningful preoccupation with the sustaining rituals of life. I prefer a word like ‘liberated’, which more accurately describes the feeling of freedom from former constraints on creativity and recreational pursuits. I’m 66 and a couple of months ago graduated with a Bachelor of Media and Communications degree and am now doing a Masters (my seventh degree….sorry). I go for 2-3 hour bike rides, swim, go to gym, play golf, and watch many many movies which I review on my blogsite at cinemusefilms.com (thats not a promo). The point I’m making in a convoluted way (as older people like to do) is that far from retired from life I’m living it more now than ever before…liberated! I like your blog and shall look for your posts.


  5. Hello from Swansea. I use the term retirement loosely; somebody who has finished full-time paid employment and has taken the opportunity to do something else. I wonder if you would be willing to be featured on my blog? I could interview you by email.


  6. Hello, Spencer. Thanks so much for following my blog. I see you live in Swansea as well, so we are very close neighbours. I love the idea of your blog and its concept. I look forward to reading your posts and engaging with you and your blogging community. Good luck with the writing.
    Best wishes,


  7. Hello, and thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter. I think life for retired blokes is probably quite similar to life for retired gals! Keep busy and wonder where work fitted in.


    1. You’re welcome. I started my blog because men seem to have a harder time than women adjusting to retirement. I agree that retired life seems is very busy; even if it’s just weeding the patio, which is what I’ve been doing this morning 🙂

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  8. Hi Geoff, ‘chapeau’ (a nice form of tribute you’ll know from tour de france) on a great blog and a brilliant idea of a Crime Atlas. I have filled my ‘retirement’ by trying to reach a bigger audience than I used to as a history lecturer with true-story inspired thrillers. You’ll know as a journalist how hard it is to catch the eye and attention of at least some of the people some of the time – – and I think I have a better idea of how to do it than when I started. EBOLOWA offers you two more countries for you to visit – – Cameroon and Niger, I’d be delighted if they’d give you another option to engage that compass – – and would be happy to let you have an ARC as the jargon has it, an advance reader’s copy. I’m impressed by the range you’ve travelled already – – and after today’s sunshine (I should be out there too weeding the patio at over 30 degrees!) no doubt there’ll be days in South Wales when you’ll want to travel to warmer climes – – meantime all the best, simon


    1. Hi Simon, and please let me know when your books are available. I’ve been thinking about setting up World Crime Atlas as a separate blog, in the hope of generating more feedback and interaction than Retired Blokes generates. Do you think I should?


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